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User furfin
Size 29 gallon
Date Started 6/04- 2/07 RIP
Lighting 2x55 watt, 6500K, CF coralife fixture on legs. The fans buzzed so I jammed them with paper clips to no bad effect, but it doesn't get very hot here in San Francisco
Equipment Penguin Biowheel HOB -outflow modified with craft plastic grid: drill two holes, twist tie on, this works great if you want to quiet and still the surface!
CO2 big industrial CO2 tank, wooden airstone, unscientific visual dosing. I had hoses running all over the place to my five tanks. Later I found out they must have been leaking like crazy at the plastic hose connectors!
Substrate Fluorite (red) topped (mixed) with very fine blasting sand
Parameters PH 6.5-6.8
Fertilization Kent Freshwater Plant one tsp with water change, otherwise fish poop, sometimes Kent K and Trace
Plants Echinodorus amazonicus, Rotala indica, Vallisneria spiralis, Ludwigia repens, Crypt wendtii ciliatsa, Myriophyllum matogrossense, Riccia fluitans, Hydrocotyle leucocephala (pennywort), Elodea canadensis, Sagittaria subulata is the foreground I think, long green algae like BBA was always growing on rocks & objects but not on plants.
Inhabitants 7 amano shrimp, a snowball peckoltia who lived in a cave under the cat, 2 juli corys, and 5 Rasbora maculata were there a long time. Other residients came & went: glowlites, harlequins, green neons, a male borelli cichlid, ottos, clown killis, a couple guppies, 3 panda corys, 1 male endler's, etc. not all at once of course. A blue gourami was too bossy, others got along.
Comments It's a bit overgrown & sloppy in the pic. Yes the ceramic cat is cheesy. Hey, I made it in art class, ok? All this was a learning experience.
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