Patriot 20 gallon - Your Tanks
User Patriot
Size 20 gallon
Date Started August 13, 2011
Lighting 24" Nova Extreme T5HO 2x 12,000K White 1x 460nm actinics 1x Freshwater Flora
Equipment SunSun 4-stage Canister Filter w/ 9 Watts UV Sterilizer
Substrate Contro soil (Japanese brand)
Parameters Unknown
Fertilization Rootmedic's complete substrate
Plants Java fern Anubais Anubias barteri 'Petite' Hygrophila
Inhabitants 6x amano shrimp 10x tetras 5x ottos
Profile Views 538
Algae Grower
Your Avatar
I love the nice lush look, and the anubia in the top right adds a great touch.
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