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User fishtastic
Size 180 gallon 72x24x24
Date Started 07/06
Lighting 484w ahsupply pc DIY 2-96w-6700k, 2-55w-5000k, 2-96w-10,000x6700k combo
Equipment Aquael 700series, and 350mag
CO2 Milwaukee regulator and ph controller 50# co2 cylinder,power head reactor
Substrate oil dry, flourite, and 1-3mm coarse sand
Parameters ph-6.8 gh-4
Fertilization greg watson pmdd-15ml/day root tabs(whatever I can find in stock)
Plants swords-melon,amazon,marble queen,narrowleaf crypts- red,bronze,green wendtii parva, lutea and various others Stem-broad and thin ludwigia, didplis diandra, wisteria, myrophylum(sp) and also some Anubias, and vallisneria
Inhabitants 6 discus-2 Green Tefe, 2-Pigeon Blood, 1-marlboro red, and 1-red melon 12-cory cats various species 13-SAE's 13-ottos a bunch different neons 1-albino bristlenose 1-clown pleco 1-royal pleco bunches of ghost shrimp
Comments Im on my third serious planted tank, and learning more and more every day!
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