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User Aquamom
Size 65 gallons, coldwater
Date Started July, 2011
Lighting 36" strip bulb across two Aqueon versa-tops separated by center divider
Equipment Two AquaClear 110 hob filters
CO2 none
Substrate combined black and dark blue pea gravel
Parameters ammonia: 0; pH: 7.5
Fertilization none
Plants living plants: marimo mossballs, floating hornwort and anacharis. Plan to add live java ferns and tall Anubias. Rest of current plants are artificial.
Inhabitants 1 calico shubunkin goldfish; 1 small comet; 3 rosy barbs; 2 weather loaches (dojos), 1 large trapdoor snail.
Comments background is an original collage I created.
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I know, I need to put a prefilter sponge over that one intake tube. I have since clear the pieces of anacharis out of the strainer. Money is tight, so I'll be getting the prefilter when I can afford one. Meanwhile, please enjoy the overall view ...
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Well, at least I think it's a beautiful tank, anyway ...
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I like that ya did the background yourself, that's pretty cool. Maybe a few more barbs to make em feel more comfortable?
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