RainSong 90 Gallons - Your Tanks
User RainSong
Size 90 Gallons
Date Started 7/8/2011
Lighting 4 x 54watts 6500K
Equipment 90 Gallon acrylic Eheim 2215 (164 GPH) Eheim 2217 (264 GPH) Hydor ETH heater 200 Watts Hydor Koralia 2 (600 GPH)
CO2 5# tank Milwaukee MA957 regulator/solenoid/needle valve/bubble counter Up Aqua inline atomizer/diffuser Drop checker with 4 dKH solution
Substrate Eco Complete (3" depth)
Parameters Ph 6.6
Fertilization Macro Micro Nutrient Mix (aquariumfertilier.com) Root tabs
Plants Crypt.Red Wendtii Crypt wallisi Limnophila Aromatica Red Mellon Sword Ludwigia Arcuata Rotala rotundafolia Dwarf Hairgrass Micro Sword Annubias Coffeefolia Annubias Ciliata Java Moss
Inhabitants Rummynose tetra, Gold barb, Julii cory, Harlequin rasbora Red rainbowfish Roseline sharks
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