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User kezg
Size 8ft / 750l
Date Started 20.07.11
Lighting 8x AquaRay Grobeam 500's connected to the Multicontrol 8 for power and sunrise / sunset.
Equipment Fluval FX5, 36W UV, Rena 300W x2,
CO2 CarbonDoser electronic with 6kg exchange cylinder
Substrate Mixed Ecocomplete with cheap stuff and added root tabs
Fertilization Co2 and Seachem Macro / Micro
Plants Anubias Barteri / Nana, Amazon Swords, Java Ferns, Green Wendtii, Dwarf Green Rush, Osiris Sword, Lilaeopsis, Hairgrass, Deep Purple, Fontinalis. More to come
Inhabitants None yet, a few snails. Maybe Angels, Dwarf Gouramis, Rummynose tetra.
Comments Soon to come: RO DI water filtration Most Plants are Very Young.
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1 Week old. worse then watching paint dry waiting for plant growth.
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Nice aquarium.
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