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User ToYoTa
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started Jan. 2007
Lighting Catfish 2x65watt 6500k 2x65watt 50/50 4x1watt LED
Equipment Eheim 2026 Pro2 200w heater hydrosponge #4
CO2 5 pound but dont use it
Substrate laterite mixed in aquarium gravel
Parameters RO water ph 7.8 Kent RO Right 1 teaspoons per 10Gal KH 3 GH 5 80-82F
Fertilization trace
Plants pearl grass ludgia vals water sprite java moss java fern amazon sword
Inhabitants 2aquatic frogs 3rummynose 1parrot 5rainbows 30neon tetras 7roseybarbs 4mollies 3rams 3flag fish 6tiger barbs 5SAE's 2killies 2gouromies 2albino plecos 1applesnail 5albino corycat
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Algae Grower
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love the tank get rid of the parrot buy angels or discus you will have an outstanding tank then
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