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User gixxerlarry
Size 20g
Date Started 7/11/11
Lighting Coralife PC 24w x 2 I salvaged from my leaking Biocube 14
Equipment Whisper 30 HOB
CO2 Pressurized co2 via 20oz paintball cylinder
Substrate Eco Complete
Fertilization Excel every other day and Flourish weekly
Plants Red Rubin Sword, Amazon Swords, Red Dwarf Lily, Anubias, Myriophyllum tuberculatum(?), Banana plant, Java Moss
Inhabitants 12 Neon Tetras, 6 Octocinclas (great algae cleaners), red crystal shrimps, ghost shrimps
Comments First planted tank. So far, so good!
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DSCF0306.JPG 2011-08-07_21-10-39_602.jpg
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This is a wonderful tank! Very natural-looking and very pleasing to the eye. Love your little shrimp.
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very nice tank your crystal red is a nice color!
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