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User andrews02r
Size 20 Gallon Tall
Date Started 7/1/2011
Lighting Glo A-3510 T5HO fixture (2 bulbs), 10hrs a day, 12" above the rim.
Equipment AquaClear 30, will be adding a canister in the near future
CO2 Excel
Substrate MTS capped with pool filter sand
Parameters unknown
Fertilization Modified EI
Plants scraps from other tanks, I'll update shortly
Inhabitants 2 blue rams, 2 otos, 1 male guppies, 2 mystery snails.
Comments In my daughter's room
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I really like the rock work in there. Just hope those rocks are stacked so they can't fall down -- are they adhered to one another? Nice looking tank!
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Can't say for sure, but the rocks seem to be a picture background attached to the back of the aquarium. Does look like its actually there though. Really nice tank!
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Did you paint the stand and do the light fixture yourself? If so, you are very crafty! I was wondering how to do a light fixture for my tank and this is a great idea! Love the plants and background. I like it painted white. Nice and clean for a kids room, kitchen or anywhere. Super!!
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