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User andrews02r
Size 6.6
Date Started 6/15/2011
Lighting Stock Fluval Edge lighting (for now)
Equipment Stock Filter (for now)
CO2 Excel, once per week
Substrate Black Gravel
Fertilization top off this tank using tank water from my 75 Gallon tank fertilized with EI. This seems to be working.
Plants scraps from my other tanks. I'll figure it out...
Inhabitants 5 fancy guppies, all male.
Comments $50 Craigslist purchase, fun tank. Looking for a small canister and CO2 solution, but not in any rush. Will be converted to MTS soon though
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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I'm curious... What kind of plant do you have in the back corners - the plant that looks like a large version of Brazilian Pennywort?
Algae Grower
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It actually is Brazilian Pennywort. It's been in there a while... :)
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