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User fishymatty
Size 20g, 38g, 55g
Date Started
Lighting 20g-2x 65w CF (6,500k - 10,000k) 38g-2x 96w CF (6,500k - 10,000k) 55g-2x 96w CF (6,500k - 10,000k) 250w MH 10,000k
Equipment 20g, 38g, 55g - Fluval canister filters 20g- inflow and return CalAqua glass 38g- inflow and return CalAqua glass 55g- custom plastic return, stock inflow
CO2 20g, 38g, 55g- pressurized co2 diffused by Rhinox 5000/2000 Rhinox spiral bubble counters
Substrate 20g, 38g, 55g- eco-complete/seachem onyx sand
Parameters 20g, 38g, 55g PH-6.6 KH-30ppm GH-60ppm
Fertilization Macro & trace every other day
Plants Eleocharis montevidensis, Glosso, HC, HM, Ludwigia repens, Rotala indica, Limnophila aromatica, E. stellatus, Jungle vals.
Inhabitants 20g- 7 dwarf puffers (1 breeding pair), Cherry Shrimp, 5 oto cats. 38g- 6 apistogramma cacatuoides (1pair orange flash, 1male 3 female gold form) 3 Angels, 7 oto cats and 7 black neons. 55g- Discus(2 San Merah, 2 Blue turquoise) 1 pair apistogramma trifasiata, 10 oto cats.
Comments I usually replant stem plants every few weeks and re scape each tank every couple of months. These are some of the most updated pictures.
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