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User xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx
Size 75 gallon
Date Started 7/12/2011
Lighting Coralife Aqua-Light Freshwater Deluxe 4x65w (2x 6,700k bulbs, 2x 10,000k bulbs)
Equipment 300w Hydor Theo submersible heater, 2x Magnum 350 canister filters
CO2 Azoo Regulator w/ 10lb. cylinder.
Substrate Flourite/FloraMax/API pure laterite mix, capped with 1/2" pool filter sand.
Parameters Unknown at this time
Fertilization Seachem Flourish
Plants 1 - Large Amazon Sword, 4 Bleheri Swords, 8 Sagittaria Broad leafs, 8 Sagittaria Narrow leafs, 6 Italian Vals, 6 Corkscrew Vals, 1 Banana Plant, 2 Crypto Wendtii Green, 3 Crypto Wendtii Red, 1 batch of Cabomba Green.
Inhabitants None at this time, but will end up housing drawf cichlids.
Comments Tank is currently drained, and being resetup because I got 20lbs. of FloraMax planted substrate to mix in with the Flourite/API laterite.
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