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User shrimpNewbie
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started may 16th 2011
Lighting 2 24 inch t5no some LEDs as well
Equipment Eheim 2232 heatless
CO2 None right now
Substrate PFS/fine white sand with osmocote plus in between layers
Parameters Don't have exact numbers but 6.5-6.7 ph gh 120-150 kh 80-90 0-10 NO3 0-.5 NO2
Fertilization Osmocote Plus, flourish
Plants Only thing I am absolutely certain of is blyxa japonica and some hc which is going to my higher tech tank since it is dying off
Inhabitants 1 betta name bruce 8 bloodfin tetras and 5 peppered corydoras
Comments was my first tank
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has changed a lot since I posted this did a trim/replant the other day. will update once the rotalas take hold and the pearl weed grows into a lush carpet
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try to put the tall plants at the back and the little ones at the front...
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