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User Sparky007
Size 5 gallon standard
Date Started June 2011
Lighting 12 W 5000K CF spiral bulb in an Ikea floor lamp.
Equipment zoo med 501
CO2 paintball tank split between this and an ecopico 5gallon, glass diffuser, about 1-2 BPS.
Substrate Caribsea eco complete black
Fertilization 1-2x/wk a dash of flourish, 1x/wk dash of iron, 1x/wk dash of micronutrients
Plants Wisteria that grows like a weed, crypto (bronze and green), amazon swords, java ferns, HC in pots (awaiting a future home as a lawn), fissidens, anubias (also growing like a weed), microsword, hydrophilia??? (looks like mint)
Inhabitants 17 CRS S/S+ grade, 2 otos, 1 nerite that keeps trying to climb out
Comments Made this as a temporary tank to stock the eco complete but it has become very beautiful on its own.
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I like this =] even looks good with the hc pots
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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i love it... very nice sparky! :)
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