cichfishman 29 - Your Tanks
User cichfishman
Size 29
Date Started 01-22-07
Lighting 75w
Equipment xp2, and wisp.30 as a temp bio boost
CO2 hagen
Substrate floramax and stone
Parameters 7.4 ph 10gh 0 ammonia .5 nitrates more info as tank matures
Fertilization florish, florish trace, excel, and Iron
Plants Crypts,ludwigia's,Corkscrew Val,red sword,java fern,microsword, Still adding,,,
Inhabitants 6 Harlequin Rasboras,2 Apistogramma agassizii(tefe),Melanotaenia praecox (neon rainbowfish),2 Atyopsis moluccensis (bamboo shrimp),2 Neritina zebra (snails),Wild L333,Clown Pleco, veilfin brown pleco--(and each has his own chunk of driftwood)
Comments Just getting started,,,,,,
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