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User cichfishman
Size 20g h
Date Started 2004
Lighting 3- 15" t8 ,,,2-daylight 1-flora sun
Equipment Peng. 170 and whisp. 30
CO2 simple bubble,,,,all I have needed,,,,,my tap water has a high co2 concentration,,with water changes weekly,,It stays fine.
Substrate floramax , florite, and fine stone.
Parameters ph 7.2 gh10 nitrates .5
Fertilization florish, florish excel (not often),Fe, florish trace
Plants Ludwigia ovalis, Java Fern,Ludwigia palustris,Ludwigia repens, Wisteria,Cryptocoryne beckettii,Cryptocoryne spiralis,Cryptocoryne wendtii
Inhabitants Amazon Freshwater puffer, Clown pleco, Vailed brown BR pleco, Flying fox,6-Harlequin Rasboras,3-Otocinclus vittatus,
Comments This was my first planted tank,,,,it has been through many ups and downs.
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This is beautiful.
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