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User Aether.ed
Size 5ft x 2ft x 2ft
Date Started December 2010
Lighting 1 x 24w interpet goldfish flourescent 1 x 18w interpet blue moon actnic flourescent Extremely low light!
Equipment Eheim aquaball + fluval u3 internals Very low tech
CO2 none
Substrate Pure white sand
Parameters temp kept as cool as possible 19deg or below (not always possible but i try!) everything else kept as stable as possible.
Fertilization None
Plants Java fern, windelov fern (java fern variety) anubias nana + petite nana, water hyacinth, java moss, marimo "moss" balls
Inhabitants Was 5 axolotls now just 1 axolotl, a group of white cloud mountain minnows, 2 x huge amano shrimp and a ton of cherry shrimp.
Comments Axolotls like it cool and dark so set this up with low light plants (water hyacinth provides shade) no heating and very low currents. All plants chosen because they can be attached to rocks/wood so cant be dug up by the axie and can be easily moved for cleaning. Everything else in there is just fodder for the axolotl if he's lucky enough to catch anything! Some may wonder how the plant life in here is thriving having just a 24 watt tube (works out at something like 0.2 wpg), Just shows you dont need all the expensive gear and ferts!
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nice javas
Algae Grower
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Those are some big java ferns
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