stuworrall ADA Mini M - 36x22x26cm - Your Tanks
User stuworrall
Size ADA Mini M - 36x22x26cm
Date Started May 2011
Lighting ADA Mini Solar M
Equipment Filtration: Fluval 205 external to Outlet - Do!Aqua Violet Glass mini MP-1 10D Inlet - Do!Aqua Violet Glass mini MV-1 13D
CO2 Pressurised via Do!Aqua Music Glass - Mini 10D, Music Counter and ADA grey parts set
Substrate ADA powersand special and Africana Powder
Fertilization ADA Brighty K and Step 1
Plants Ferns (narrow and needle), tennelus, fissidens, mosses, Bolbitus HM and a carpet of glosso
Inhabitants Red Cherry Shrimp
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Mark F.
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Tight! (I mean that in a good way)
Algae Grower
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What camera did you use to take this shot?
Algae Grower
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5 star for me.
Blue Devereaux
Algae Grower
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Really lush and lovely. Thank you for sharing.
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