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User RAGEo2
Size 20H
Date Started 5/2011
Lighting 15w 6500k T8 in a custom Box hood with Foil tape for reflection
Equipment Tom's Rapid Canister Filter and A Penguin bio filter. A Elite Submerged filter to crate a current.
CO2 none
Substrate SMS but it was under the back porch for a 2 years so it has some sand from the sandbox and a bit of rocks.
Parameters All with in norm
Fertilization Excel every other day
Plants Apon, Anubias, Blyxa japonica and some other plants from forum members.
Inhabitants 4 White Clouds 1 Male Krib 1 Cory cat 9 Ghost Shrimp 1 Khuli Loach Blk. 1 Gold Fish=used for cycling 6 Albino bristle nose- young 1 Bambo shrimp that can't stay out of the HOB filter, so we gave up and left him in their, we check up on him 3 tiles a week. 1 Dwarf Puffer "Peanut"
Comments A DIY cave wall. " peanut likes it and the Kribs just had fry a few weeks ago in it. So the mom and fry are in the original 10g tank. Mom has great color but is very aggresive and dad was the alfa male in his tank and has really nice blue belly and he looks more like a Apisto then a Krib.
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No CO2 was noticeable in the slow growth/death of the plants. Sold the kribs and returned all the fish to the LFS and left the hobby for the second time.
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