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User Aquamom
Size 20-gallon-high, coldwater
Date Started May 12, 2011
Lighting 18" Glass Aquarium single bulb
Equipment AquaClear 50 hob; 4-inch airstone. No heater, as this is a coldwater tank.
CO2 none
Substrate small pea gravel
Parameters Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10 ppm pH: 7.5 dH: 4 gH: 89.5 temperature stable at around 68F
Fertilization no outside ferts needed
Plants Marima mossballs on substrate; floating plants include Riccia, Hornwort, Java Moss, Water Sprite. Stem plants are artificial. Will soon be getting a live Anubias nana.
Inhabitants 8 white cloud minnows; 6 zebra danios; 1 red glofish; 6 yellow glofish; 3 rosy barbs; 2 weather loaches (dojos); 4 red cherry shrimps
Comments This is a replacement tank for one of same size and set-up that leaked. New background.
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