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User dakota15
Size 110 Gallons
Date Started December 17, 2006
Lighting 320 Watts T5
Equipment Filstar XP3, Penn-Plax Cascade 1000, AquaClear 110, 2 MaxiJet 400 Powerheads, UV Sunsun 18 Watt UV Sterilizer
CO2 C02 10 LB C02 Pressurized System, Milwaukee Reg, Rex Grigg Inline Reactor
Substrate 50% Flourite / 50% Pea Gravel
Parameters PH-6.8 / KH-8 / C02-38ppm / N03-5ppm / P04-1ppm / FE-.1
Fertilization 6 ml PMDD Daily, 10 ml Flourish Excel every 2nd day, KN03 as needed, Flourish Iron as needed, KH2PO4 as needed, K2S04 at 30% weekly water change.
Plants Cryptocoryne Wendtii / Vallisneria americana / Alternanthera reineckii / Sagittaria subulata / Echinodorus Barthii / Hydrocotyle Leucocephala / Hygrophila difformis / Ludwigia grandulosa / Lysimachia nummularia / Cabomba caroliniana / Glossostigma elatanoides
Inhabitants 5 Bosemani Rainbows / 3 Turquoise Rainbows / 8 Glass Catfish / 3 Cory Cats / 8 Amano Shrip / numerous Cherry Shrimp and 6 Otocinclus
Comments I've been keeping aquariums for over 25 years and have kept everything imagineable including salt water tanks. Losing interest in the hobby, I decided I would try my hand at the one thing I'd never kept - a planted tank. So far I'm glad I did. Planted tanks are rather addicting.
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Beautiful tank! i like the layout and color balance.
Carla G
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Ditto what jinx said. Good job! It looks beautiful. That big red plant is a real eyecatcher.
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great tank...
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Absolutely awesome .. !
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