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User djscotty
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started June 2010
Lighting Standard 10 Gal. Hood. 2-13watt CFL Bulbs.
Equipment 1-Aquaclear 20 1-Aquatech 5-15 HOB 1-Tetra 100watt Heater
CO2 Hagen DIY Kit with ladder
Substrate Caribsea Eco Complete Flora Max
Fertilization Flourish Excel 1 cap per water change
Plants Some Ferns, Sunset Hygro and other misc, dont know their names
Inhabitants 3- Neon Tetra 2- Black Fin Tetra 5- Glow Light Tetra 2- Otos 1- African Feathfin Catfish
Comments Catfish is reason I have two HOB filters as other tank is being built. Two 30% water changes per week. After almost a year, the tank is finally balanced itself out. Any suggestions are welcome.
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