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User MCHRKiller
Size 8" Cube (2.2 Gallons)
Date Started April 27, 2010
Lighting 13 watt CFL 6500K
Equipment Tom Rapids Mini Dive Clean
Substrate ~1.5 lbs of Eco Complete
Parameters Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0, Nitate-unmeasurable, pH-7.0, kH-4, gH-9
Fertilization N/A
Plants Java moss, Anubias Petite, Java Fern
Inhabitants 12 Cherry shrimp, 1 Bumblebee Nerite
Comments I used to use this tank as a betta tank, but just never felt it was large enough to fully suit its purpose. I feel much better using it as a shrimp tank.
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Most Beautiful little peace.
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