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User MCHRKiller
Size 150 Gallon (72x20x24)
Date Started Jan. 2010
Lighting 2x80watt HOT5 (1*65K, 1*10K)
Equipment 3*XP3 Canisters(2 Hydor ETH 300), 2*AquaClear 110s
Substrate 160lbs Caribsea Torpedo Beach Sand
Parameters Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0, Nitrate-unmeasurable by standard test kits, pH-6.8, kH-4, gH-9,
Fertilization 15ml Flourish Comprehensive weekly
Plants Anubias sp., Needle Leaf Java Fern, Java Fern
Inhabitants 5x F0 Geophagus abalios, 3x F0 Rotkeil Severums, 4x F2 Rainbow Cichlids, 1x F0 Astronotus orbicularis, 1x F0 L330 Royal, 5x Albino BN Plecos, 15x Buenos Aires Tetras(numbers are declining lol)
Comments Tank was rescaped on May 4, 2011. The tank is a true low tech easy to keep up tank. Given the fact it is a fish dominated tank the plants are not that important other than to provide a decent scape and eat nitrate. To maintain water parameters I do a weekly 60-70% WC.
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