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User MCHRKiller
Size 100 Gallon(48x20x24)
Date Started Jan. 2010
Lighting 260 watts Power Compact, 7200K
Equipment Rena XP4 with Hydor ETH 300, Aqua Clear 110, CA 900, Duetto 100, Rio 6HF
CO2 Taam Dual Guage w/Solenoid Paintball setup. Using a Sera Flore 1000 Reactor driven by the Rio 6HF
Substrate ~75lbs Flourite Original, ~60lbs Eco Complete
Parameters Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0, Nitrate-unmeasurable by standard kits, pH-6.2, kH-4, gH-9
Fertilization Rootmedic root tabs under rooted plants. Rootmedic Macro & Micro Liquid 3X per week.
Plants Vallisneria sp., Needle Leaf Java Fern, C. wedntii sp., Amazon Swords, Klenier Bar Swords, Anubias species, Pygmy Chain Sword, Dwarf Lily
Inhabitants 4x Angelfish, 24x Brilliant Rasbora, 10x Blackline Rasbora, 14x Rosy Barb, 9x Boesemani Rainbow, 17x Corydoras sp., 4x Bristlenose Pleco, 5x L010A Lizard Cats, 5x Flying Fox 2x Bettas
Comments Tank just recently got a rescape on May 2, 2011 which included the addition of pressurized injection. Still have lots of work to do. :-)
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