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User palufreak
Size 2.5 Gallon Hex
Date Started
Lighting Tom Aquatics 7W Perch Light w/ timer On 6:30am to 2pm and 4:30pm to 6pm for viewing
Equipment Filter: Red Sea Nano Filter HOB Heater: Hydor Mini 7W aquarium heater
CO2 None
Substrate I use sand as substrate...
Plants 2x Narrow Leaf Java Fern 1x Anubias Petite 1x Marimo Moss ball
Inhabitants 6-7 Red Cherry Shrimp 2 Nerites Snails Possibly: 1-2 bamboo shrimp
Comments The tank is cycling... I don't have the plants and inhabitants yet, but will soon! I do have driftwood! The ghost shrimp are there only while cycling! Will put more pics once I have plants
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Algae Grower
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... Sand is not a good substrate to use for plants, I recommend buying some ecocomplete and replacing the areas that you're planning on having plants in with that. That's what most ppl do.
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I'm getting Anubias Petite, thats going on the driftwood, and Narrow Leaf Java Fern, thats going on flat rocks in the back... Also getting a moss ball, doesn't need substrate. So no, I'm not changing substrates
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Sand grows certain plants quite well as long as it's supplemented. Sometimes supplements are not even needed.
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