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User eser21
Size 55 Gallon, 260Ltr
Date Started 01.04.2011
Lighting Twin Juwel 54w T5HO 1x 6750k 1x 4550k nature bulb 7 hours
Equipment Hydor 300w inline heater Eheim 2026 and Fluval 205 tunze 6045 adjustable powerhead
CO2 dennerle profi 2000 system with uo inline atomiser.
Substrate Eco complete, white inert gravel
Parameters 26 degrees
Fertilization Estimative Index Rootmedic root tabs
Plants Hygrophila Pinnatifida Aponogeton Crispus Red Cyptocoryne Wentii ‘Mi Oya’ Crytocoryne Beckettii Petchii Cryptocoryne Wentii Brown Cryptocoryne Parva Cryptocoryne Balansae Balck amazon sword Blyxa Japonica Blyxa Aubertii Microsorum pteropus Narrow Staurogyne Repens Bolbitis Heudelotii Taiwan Moss Weeping Moss Fissedens Anubias Nana
Inhabitants Gold Nugget pleco Penguin Tetra 5 banded barbs Amano shrimp Otto's Fire red shrimp
Comments First proper attempt at a scape....
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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First proper scape attempt. All comments welcome.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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WOW! The only things I would recommend is some tall background plants and something for the foreground where the driftwood is, but other than that, pretty fantastic hardscaping!
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looks like your tired of pruning your heavily planted tank before! Great try to start again. the sandy slopes are good
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