Big Al's Online 20 Gallon - Your Tanks
User Big Al's Online
Size 20 Gallon
Date Started March 1st 2011
Lighting Aquatic Life 4x24w T5HO Bulbs: 2x 6000K - 10,000K - Roseate
Equipment Eheim 2213 Koralia Nano Eheim Jager 150w Heater
CO2 Red Sea Paintball CO2 System Red Sea Drop Checker
Substrate Mixed Carib Sea - Sunset Gold 80% Carib Sea - Peace River 20%
Parameters Who actually checks these?
Fertilization Tropica Plant Nutrition Liquid Flourish Phosphorus & Nitrogen For algae issues, Seachem Excel is double dosed.
Plants Java Fern Standard & Narrow Leaf Java Moss & Flame Moss Anubias Nana Alternanthera reineckii lilacina Amazon Sword
Inhabitants Cardinal Tetra x 9 Celestial Pearl Danio x 6 Bolivian Ram x 2 Bushynose Plexo x 1 Amano Shrimp x 9 Zebra snail x 6
Comments My first crack at a plant system. I am a reef geek by nature!
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That is eye catching. Nice job. I see the flying spaghetti monster (not a bad thing).
Big Al's Online
Algae Grower
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Thanks :) The two mosses (especially flame) are getting a little wild now, I need to trim it weekly to keep it looking "tame" :P
Big Al's Online
Algae Grower
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Check out a video of this aquarium by following this link to our facbook page!
Planted Member
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This is a very attractive aquarium. Visually, very pleasing. Happy fish ...
Algae Grower
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It reminds me of a crab. Nice job. I like it.
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