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User silentcircuit
Size 29 gallon
Date Started March 1st, 2011 (finished cycle, fish added)
Lighting 24" standard T8 fixture, Hagen SunGlo bulb. Soon to be replaced by either ODNO or T5 HO, depending on advice from the forums. :)
Equipment Odyssea CFS 500 canister filter, heavily modified to a circumference filter design. Odyssea 300w heater. (had a spare -- I will be switching it out for two 100w heaters soon. Too paranoid about cooking fish if it gets stuck "on".)
CO2 Not yet, in the near future. Need more light first!
Substrate Fairly fine sand, mixture of black and off-white. I'm currently racking my brain trying to determine how best to add flourite or similar to this without screwing everything up, as the tank is set up and stable. Don't want to drain and re-do.
Parameters Ph ~7 Temperature 80F Overstocked and massively overfiltered. I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing -- the fish are fine.
Fertilization Currently just tabs pressed in to the sand around plants.
Plants Don't even know what half of what I have is, still learning. Whatever you identify please let me know! Hoping to add some java moss or similar and a lot more soon.
Inhabitants 2 Silver Hatchets (will add 2-3 more soon), 1 adult 1 ~1" 3 Julii Corys (will add 2-3 more soon), ~2" 6 Neon Tetras (will probably add a couple more), adults 1 Common Pleco, ~2.5" 1 Spotted Climbing Perch (Ctenopoma acutirostre), ~2.5"
Comments Got the driftwood and fake plant groupings for $1 in the bargin bin at the local fish store and worked from there. Hoping to get some better driftwood from a guy on the forums here and some more plants to replace the remaining plastic and keep things interesting, too. Very excited about this tank.
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All the corys saw me taking out the tripod and freaked out as usual, so they're nowhere to be seen. The pleco is hanging on the back to the bigger piece of driftwood to the left. The bigger hatchet is the easiest to see, and 5 of 6 Neons. Up in the top left corner you can see the Spotted Climbing Perch wandering in to see what is going on here. He is probably my favorite fish in this tank, though the pleco is pretty awesome too. Watching them occasionally display at eachother is great fun if and when one wanders in to the other's area. Watching the perch stalk the Neons around is great too; while he has yet to follow through on the threat his mouth is already big enough so they may be moved to another tank soon for their own safety.
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