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Size 55g
Date Started 3yrs established. '98 or '99?
Lighting Stock, which will be changed soon. It was not enough to grow my plants so I had to supplement with a CFL in a clip-light.
Equipment Fluval 304 c.f.
CO2 No but add a slow drip of seltzer water weekly. Also get some from the compost.
Substrate Natural rock, aquarium gravel, self-made compost.
Parameters 75deg.f, No3-10, No2-0, gh-75, Kh-240, Ph-7.2
Fertilization Fish poo, of course!
Plants Salvinia auriculata 'Eared Watermoss', Tons of java moss, 1 apogonten bulb from Wally World, Italian Vals, Vals Gigantae, rotala rotundifolia, rotala colorata, rotala nanjenshan, ludwigia glandulosa, Hygrophila polysperma var. Rosanervig, cryptocoryne walkeri 'lutea', heteranthera zosterifolia (Stargrass) and Limnophila Sessiliflora:)
Inhabitants Got rid of the Golds because they won't leave my plants alone. For now just 4 Sakura shrimp, 1 Angel, 3 Apple Snails and LOTS of pond and ramshorn snails. MTS ordered and paid for, just waiting. Getting some Angels soon along with a school of smaller fish to go with them.
Comments Also sourced the wood out of my yard. I think it served my purpose quite well.
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Think this is gonna have to be the way it stays after redoing it 4 times in two weeks!! I really like it though, even if my plants are stuck in quarentine. Stupid golds almost killed the small plants so I have to grow them out first.Rate me and tell me what you think please???
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This is a picture of my trimmed tank before AGA contest photos. Will post some pics when I take some for the contest. In my opinion it is starting to grow out nicely though.
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