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User drbotts
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started Sometime in 2008
Lighting Currently 1x40W Power Glo 1 x Glo 48" T5HO. Added 5/8/11
Equipment 1 x Marineland Emperor 400 1 x Marineland H.O.T. 1 x Marineland heater
CO2 1 x Red Sea Co2 Bubble Ladder 1 x DIY Co2 Vortex 98% efficient Wanted and pursuing a 10lb co2 + custom built Co2 Regulator
Substrate Spectralite... It's sad. Pursuing Eco Complete as a replacement
Fertilization Root tabs 2-3 months
Plants Ludwigia repens Bacopa Caroliniana Rotala Rotundifolia Water Wisteria Crypt Spiralis Needle Leaf Java Fern - 1 rhizome w/leaves Flame Moss - approximately 1 golf ball Cabomba Carolinia Dwarf Chain Sword Eichornia Diversifolia Hygrophila sp Tiger Suswassertang - 1/2 golf ball Dwarf Baby Tears Ceratopteris thalictroides Ocelot Sword Really tall grass (Not sure what it is?)
Inhabitants Cardinal Tetra Red/Blue Tetra Cory Cats Mollys, Plattys, few Guppies Wanted: Angels one day
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Looking great. It will blow your mind what it will do when you switch to T5 lighting and pressurized co2! Keep it up!
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Gotta get a new pic on here!! Your tank looks so different now with co2!
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