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User Sukhoi
Size 35 gal. Hex
Date Started 7-21-10
Lighting Single T8 bulb (hoping to upgrade later)
Equipment Whisper EX45 200 Watt heater Air pump with air stone
CO2 DIY with Hagen ladder diffuser
Substrate River gravel
Fertilization Seachem root tabs every four months Seachem Flourish dose every week
Plants 3x Amazon Swords Several Green/Red Myriophiyllum stems 1x Java Fern 1x Tiger Lotus (bulb)
Inhabitants 4x Angelfish (Gold Marble, Sliver, Marble, Blue) 1x Bolivian Ram 1x Botia kubotai 4x Black Kuhli Loach (Java Loach) 1x Pleco
Comments Used to be a goldfish aquarium for about a year then converted to an Angelfish tank. After an ammonia spike, this tank was replanted and been doing solid since October 2010. (sorry for bad cell phone pictures)
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That's a lot of angelfish for a 35 gal...
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