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User Aganathon
Size Corner tank (triangle) - 141x100x60 - 75 Gallons (300 Litre)
Date Started 20th of January 2007
Lighting 1x 150W 8000K Metal Halide 2x 24W 6500K T5
Equipment Filter : Atman EF4 Air Pump : Sera Air 110 Heating : Jager 200W, Digital Thermometer
CO2 Pressurized CO2 system, with glass diffuser and glass CO2 drop-checker.
Substrate ADA Aquasoil Africana
Plants Elatine Triandra, Blyxa Japonica, Micranthemum Micranthemoides, Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala Macarendera, Taiwan Moss.
Inhabitants Cardinals, Congo Tetra, Upside-down Catfish, Apistogramma Cacatuoides, Apistogramma Agassizi, Butterfly Loach, Otocinclus, Shrip Japonica.
Comments The tank is still in construction :)
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Awesome Awesome Awesome Tank!!! Is this a custom job? I can't fathom why this "shape" isn't mass produced. A strait view into the corner with no bowfront or hexagonal joints. Perfect. I'll search to see if you have a photo journal.
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Hey would love to see how this tank turned out. and Iam curiouse about the black peice at the corner is that a over flow?
Algae Grower
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I'd love to see new pics of this. I hope you'll post and tell more about it.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Great idea. possibility for tons of depth and an unlimited foreground
Algae Grower
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Very cool. Gotta show my bf this, maybe he'll build me something similar.
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