metallicanick78 220T - Your Tanks
User metallicanick78
Size 220T
Date Started 4/21/2011
Lighting 37W actinic blue
Equipment 55gal sump with 3 baffels, bio balls, pumps and RDP refugium. mag 7 pump.
CO2 none yet
Substrate 60lbs eco-complete, 100lbs landscapers gravel, 20 lbs bigger gravel, found rocks and driftwood.
Parameters no test kit yet.
Fertilization none yet
Plants crypt wendtii x1 anubias congensis x1 amazon sword x2 java fern mat ~40 Dwarf baby tears 3x7in mat dwarf HG 4x7in mat vallisneria spiralis x10
Inhabitants none yet
Comments getting a dozon or so wild fw fish native to CT later this week to help cycle tank. thinking of trying a large diy co2 soon, adding 3x 45-60 watt cfl's. this is my first tank and its only a few days old, so I know nothing really... any advice is appreciated!
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