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User iRun
Size 6
Date Started February 2011
Lighting *updated* MR11 12.5 volt LED's. Great improvement!
Equipment Stock Aquaclear 20, aqueon pro 50W heater, replaced halogens with LED's...sorry, didn't keep track of them. I got the ones someone else with an edge tank on here uses.
CO2 Nada
Substrate Smallish gravel
Parameters pH: Mid 7's Alk: averages 50-60mg/L Hardness: 100mg/L CaCO3 (around 6gr) temp: 78 F
Fertilization Fish food Fish poop
Plants Anubias nana Java fern
Inhabitants 3 glowlight tetras 2 neon tetras 2 paleatus corys 1 otocinclus 1 Beta
Comments LOVE THIS TANK. Not as much as my child, but as much as my beagle some days.
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photo2.jpg tank3.jpg
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This tank is fun because you can also view the fish from the top! My girlfriend has the same one.
Algae Grower
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Looks grovey.
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