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User ADA
Size 2.9 Gallons
Date Started August 2010
Lighting 27W Archaea
Equipment ZooMed 501
CO2 Fluval Mini C02 with paintball adapter mod.
Substrate ADA Aquasoil
Fertilization Yamato Green - N
Plants Hemianthus Callitrichoides (foreground/carpet) Crypt Parva Echinodorus Tenellus 'pink' Fissiden Fontanus SŁŖwassertang Rotala Indica Marsilea Quadrifolia Hydrocotyle Verticillata Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides Mini Pellia Cuphea Anagalloidea Riccia Fluitans Rotala Indica Rotala "sunset"
Inhabitants CRS Blue Ram Scarlet Badis Snowball Shrimp Halfbeak
Comments Please visit my photo journal for this tank :)
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Mark F.
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Excellent scaping! You really made maximum use of minimal space; using the wood to terrace the substrate really gives a sense of depth. I can't wait to see photo updates after the plantings grow out! That ram may eventually want to be moved to at least a slightly bigger tank; the rest of the inhabitants, of course, will be fine where they are ...
Wannabe Guru
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Thanks! If you want to see, the journal with more pics is here:
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