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User TwoStrokeKing
Size 29 US Gallons
Date Started January
Lighting One 6500K Bulb And One 1000K Bulb In A 30" Zoo Med T5 HO Fixture.
Equipment Aqueon 30 Filter. Tetra Whisper 10 Air Pump. Neptune 100 Watt Heater.
CO2 DIY Co2 On 24/7 Air Pump On 24/7 With Little Flow.
Substrate Gravel Over Miracle Grow Organic Choice.
Parameters Don't Check Them. Haven't Had Any Deaths And I Made Sure I Cycled Good.
Fertilization EI Dosing When I Feel Its Needed.
Plants Stargrass, Rotala, Anacharis, Crypts, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Micro Sword, Pygmy Chain Sword, Scarlet Temple, Ludwigia Repens, Narrow Leaf Ludwigia, Sagittaria Chilensis, Anubius Nana, Lace Java Fern, Java Moss, Dwarf Sagitaria, Cork Screw Val
Inhabitants 8x Serpae Tetra, 2x Marble Angel Fish, 6x Bronze Corys, 2x Otto Cats, and 1x Mystery Snail.
Comments This is my first planted tank, i try to take a piece of nature and rebuild it in my tanks. I'm done stocking just waiting for it to grow in. I'm pretty happy with how its turning out. I learn a lot and i like to help others. PM me if you need any help and ill do my best to advise you. I have 7 Tanks set up and an empty 20 gallon in the garage. I love this hobby and look forward to what the future brings with it!
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dood you need to update your tank!!!!
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