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User Bryan Bankhead
Size 15 gal. Long
Date Started 1/10/07
Lighting 15 watt strip gro-lite+ 23 watt cool white CF spot fill
Equipment Filtration: Duetto 50
CO2 None
Substrate Land Area : Live Sphaghnum moss Water Area: :1 in gravel over 1 in. Mixed sphaghnum moss and Scotts african violet potting soil
Parameters Untested but certainly very soft and acid
Plants C. Thalictroides, E. tenellus, Red Myriophyllum
Inhabitants Any reccomendations on who would work in this tank.
Comments Next Step: Carnivorous and other bog plants for the land section. More plants for the water section. I haven't tested the water yet but it stands to reason to be damn soft and acid. What kind of animal inhabitants? Neon tetras and maybe a betta. Possibly dwarf clawed frogs. But I want something that will use the land section. The temp is rarely less that 75 deg. so its a bit too warm for temperate what? a cealian? some small reptile?
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NICE to see more Paladariums/Vivariums! Best of both worlds!
Splendid Splendens
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Have you found an inhabitant yet? If not I have a few suggestions. :)
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