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User Bryan Bankhead
Size 15 gallon long
Date Started 1/10/07
Lighting So far a fifteen watt flourescent 'aquarium spectrum bulb' that came with the hood and a 60 watt incadescant. Will be acquiring another flourescent bulb ,size?
Equipment Well so Far the wish list is: Small sumbersible filter Small sumbersible heater More Light!
Substrate Hummocks of live spaghnum moss , hopefully will be creating something with driftwood to put them on. Some gravel for water area.
Parameters This is a paludarium with what I hope will be a 3" deep water area
Fertilization Considering using a aquarium micronutrient supplement. How do carnivorous plants react to this?
Plants So Far: Live Spaghnum Moss Wish List: Venus Flytraps, var Drosera, Anubias, more?
Inhabitants So Far: A couple tiiiiny spiders Wish List: Unknown Possiblities include Newts /Salamanders , tiiiny fish, frogs/toads
Comments These are the best pics I could get with my crappy little webcam, definitely need a better camera! If it doesn't seem like much right now it's because it isn't. I just set things up to get my moss growing healthy. But I intend on doing a lot with it. And I'm open to suggestions! Help me build my paludarium!
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Bravo! A masterpiece of modern Art!!
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looks amazing!!!!!!!, lol... i don't know if i'm supposed to name other sites or not, but has ALOT of info on building paludariums... that's where i learned to make mine! This sight has a terrarium section under "general". and there are a few good journals there as well
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Be careful when choosing fish; my newts have eaten a few minnows before.
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