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Size 30 U.S. gallons, 36'' x 12'' x 16''
Date Started January 2011
Lighting Nova Extreme T5HO 2x39W
Equipment Marineland 150W heater, Aqueon Quietflow 20, Aquaclear 30
CO2 DIY yeast reactor CO2
Substrate EcoComplete Planted Aquarium substrate topped with black aquarium gravel
Parameters pH 6.8; Ammonia 0ppm; Nitrite 0ppm; Nitrate 0ppm; gH 80ppm; kH 40ppm: Temp: 79F Photo-period: 12 hrs/d
Fertilization SeaChem Flourish; SeaChem Flourish Excel
Plants Echinodorus osiris; Echinodorus tenellus; Alternanthera reinekii; Hydrocotyle leucocephala; Heteranthera zosterifolia; Lilaeopsis macloviana; Mayaca fluviatilis
Inhabitants 2 Bolivian rams (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus); 4 Julii cories (Corydoras julii); 8 Otocinclus catfish (Otocinclus vittatus); 5 Gold pristella tetra (Pristella maxillaris)
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I'm new to the site. Please rate my tank and/or leave comments. It would be much appreciated.
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wow. that is simply awesome
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Love the density. Great job!
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Beautiful!! Does this tank more or less look after itself or is there a lot of maintenance going on?
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Amber, When I had this set up, I pretty much just left it be, however when I had to move the tank home for the summer (I'm in college) I regretted not doing more maintenance. The heteranthera was far to tangled to do anything with, I tried to keep some of it, and it did recover some, but then I had a pond snail population explosion which I spent many months attempting to erradicate. Being my first attempt at a planted tank, this tank has been a learning experience and I am working on a new aquascape with more plant species and a different layout. I hope to post a pic of it soon, once everything has grown in a matured nicely.
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