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Size 90 gallon
Date Started
Lighting 2x 4 foot t5 HO GLOS by Hagen.
Equipment eheim professional wet/dry 2227 and a ebo jager heater.
CO2 red sea kit: pressure gauge, solinoid, needle valve, bubble counter,and co2 diffuser. 3bps
Substrate 1 bag of flourite and 2 bags of regular gravel
Parameters temp-80 degrees, nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia all 0 ppm.
Fertilization sera root tabs,flourish comprehensive.
Plants micro swords,java fern,ech. rubin narrow,ech. rose,ech. bleheri,hygro corymbosa,crypt balansae, eleocharis parvula, pogostemon helferi,hemianthus ''cuba'', nymphaea lotus (zenkeri)(x4),micranthemum umbrosum, ech. red diamond,crypt parva, crypt walkeri, water sprite, sessiflora,corkscrew val, rotala indica, ludwigia repens,ech. ozelot,cardomine.
Inhabitants 15 black phantom tetras, 5 serpaes, 20 otos, 4 sae, 25 amano shrimp, 4 clown loaches, 14 assorted corys , 6 silver hachets, elephant nose, 3 angels , 3 cardinals, 6 gold harelquin rasboras, 3 black skirt tetras, 3 white skirt tetras, pearl gourami pair, yellow rainbow, 12 albino pristella tetras, 2 albino BN plecos ( just to name a few)
Comments !!sorry about the picture quality!! UPGRADED! high tech ?:)
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Explain to me why this tank has only been given 2.5 stars? The picture isn't great but the use of the space, I think, is well done. There is a nice use of color, although the two red plants in the bottom right corner are a little off setting, the various shades of greens and browns looks great. I wish my tank was as well filled-in, especially since this is a 90 gallon tank.
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