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User ferrarikid
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started December 11, 2006
Lighting 2 WPG NO florecent
Equipment AC 110/500 Tetra 60 AGA 100 watt heater
CO2 D.I.Y. 2 Liter
Substrate 55oz. Pure Laterite 60lbs. Black "moon sand"
Parameters pH 6.4-6.8 Ammonia 0 p.p.m. NitrAte >10 p.p.m. NitrIte 0 p.p.m.
Fertilization None
Plants Aponogeton crispus Cardmine lyrata Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown' Echinodorus amazonicus Egeria densa Microsorum pteropus Microsorum pteropus 'Windlov' Nymphaea lotus 'Zenkeri' Vallisneria americana 'gigantea' Vesicularia dubyana
Inhabitants 2 Silver angels 1 Paradise gourami 4 Flame tetra 4 Lemon tetra 2 Oto 1 Bristlenose pleco 10-15 Ghost shrimp 10+ MTS 20+ Unknown Ramshorn 3 Mystery snail
Comments Hardscape: -Driftwood -Colorado granite -New Mexico lava -Pebbles -Branches
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