digginbetta 12x14 cylinder - Your Tanks
User digginbetta
Size 12x14 cylinder
Date Started Feb. 20 (ish) 2011
Lighting dunno, don't ask lol thats why it's experimental
Equipment Nadda, just the TOM internal nano filter
CO2 nope
Substrate black sand
Parameters soft, it's VERY filtered water with indian almond leaves
Fertilization none
Plants Susswassertang, java moss, java fern, naja grass
Inhabitants 15 crs (red bee shrimp) and a trio of green shrimp
Comments VERY experimental. NO idea if this was going to work out. I knew how to keep crs in theory, but not in experience. SO I started out with one A grade CRS in this thing. It lived, and so I got my hino's :)
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