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User darkcrisis
Size 55 gallon
Date Started 1/22/09
Lighting (2) 48" Coralife T5NO 112 watts total
Equipment Rena XP3 Koralia 2
CO2 24oz Paintball CO2 Hagen Elite Mini diffuser
Substrate Eco Complete / Flourite Black mix
Fertilization 1/4 KNO3 3x week 1/8 KH2PO4 3x week 1/8 CSM+B 3x week
Plants Taiwan Moss, Christmas Moss, Anubias Nana, Anubias barteri, Needle Leaf Hygro, Sunset Hygro, Tropica Crypt, Brown Crypt, bunch of various stems.
Inhabitants 20 Cardinal Tetras, 10 Guppies, 1 Peacock Gudgeon, 2 Bolivian Rams, 3 Amano Shrimp, 1 Zebra Nerite Snail
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Beautiful jungle. I sure wish this is what my 55 looked like.
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