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User igor.Kanshyn
Size 8 gallons, 12
Date Started May 2010
Lighting 2x13W 6700K
Equipment Filter: Canister Fluvar 104
CO2 DIY with inline reactor
Substrate Flourite black sand
Fertilization according to EI, but with with smaller dozes
Plants Foreground: dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis parvula), java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) and perfect floating riccia (Riccia fluitans or Crystalwort) Central area: Nesaea red. and hairgrass (Eleocharis vivipara) Background plants: Vallisneria corkscrew and stargrass (Heteranthera zosterifolia)
Inhabitants SS+ grade crystal red and some red cherry shrimps. Five ottos (otocinclus catfish) and a siamese algae eater guard it from algae.
Comments WC: 40% once a week. Look at my shrimps at www.Shrimp-Tank.com
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Hi, Love your tank! What lighting unit is that you have and what are the dimensions of your cube? thanks...
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