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User gh0ul
Size 29gal
Date Started march 14, 2011
Lighting DIY 2X23wt CFL setup
Equipment Nothing special. This is the 1st Aquarium I decided to do all organic w/live plants.
CO2 no
Substrate Marine sand, and natural gravel on the bottom. I topped this with 30Lbs of Flourite on recomendation of a local Aquarium and fish retailer.
Fertilization Just the Flourite
Plants So far a cork screw, and some green Mondo Grass. A little HC in the foreground..... I'm not too optimistic about the HC. Don't Think I have enough light. Started to plant it piece by piece.... We'll see if it grows. Waiting on A java Fern, Red Ludwiga, star moss... and a few other varieties ill add later. Amazon sword, All plants starting to slowly propagate since adding new light setup
Inhabitants 5 Neons, 2 Lamp eyes, 5 Black skirt tetras , 5 serpae tetras, 1 Albino Corby, 5 ghost shrimp. " tiny algae eaters
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