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Size 20 Gallons
Date Started March 11th 2011
Lighting Nova Extreme T5HO 48W
Equipment Ehiem 2215, Fluval M100 Heater
Substrate SeaChem Florite and medium black gravel
Parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 Nirites, 2 Nitrates
Fertilization SeaChem Florite, SeaChem Excel, SeaChem Florish
Plants 1 Melon Sword, 2 Moneywort, 3 Corkscrew Val
Inhabitants 5 Glofish, 1 German Blue Ram
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Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Tank as it sits just setup. Still a little cloudy from that nasty florite (hate that stuff now). Will have a huge tree stump piece of resin driftwood on the left soon.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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New picture added. Tank as it sits now. As you can see a pretty big difference. Starting to get addicting lol. This is what/how I plan to leave the tank but deffinately getting more plants and growing the ones I already have out more.
Planted Member
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I like this one. It's visually very pleasing and looks natural. I do like the darker substrates. Nice!
Algae Grower
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Awesome tank!! Love the tree stump. Where did you get it? Did you find it or bought it?
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