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User Fire_Guppies
Size 1 gallon
Date Started May 2006
Lighting Small very hard to find bulb that I *ahem* uh broke, so there's no lighting at this present time.
Equipment Hawkeye Air Pump and lighted hood.
Parameters pH 7.8, slightly alkaline, medium hardness, slightly salty, and the temp is around 60-65 degrees most of the time.
Plants Merely a little green, plastic, frilly plant and some rocks I've collected.
Inhabitants Two of my first bred Guppies. The first is my beautiful Brian. He has a dark body with a red flaming tail. He was the only one out of all of the fish I've bred that looked like that. The other is my sweet little Skywalker. When he was a baby he was injured by older fish, and his tail has never recovered. He's got a grey body with a green spot on his head and a pale blue tail like his daddy.
Comments This is being used primarily to keep my two older male fish away from my baby males, but will eventually be my breeding tank.
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