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User Safez
Size 550 litres (145 US gal)
Date Started 04 March 2010
Lighting Phillips "Aqua" single batten. Crompton "Cool White" x 2 double batten (4). Natural Sunlight
Equipment Omni 1200 Litre Per Hour internal pump with filter Tai Girm Aquarium Corp 2000 LPH internal pump with filter. Home Made Wet/Dry filtration system; clay beads, bioballs, biomats, stone and plants.
CO2 Nil required. Plants generate enough CO2.
Substrate Gravel only
Parameters not tested
Fertilization none
Plants syngonium nepthytis, Ceratophyllum submersum - "tropical hornwort", Elodea, Amaranth redroot, lemna minor - "aquarists herpes", Vallisneria americana gigantea - jungle val,
Inhabitants Astronotus ocellatus - Tiger Oscar, Andinoacara rivulatus - Green Terror x 2, around 200 assorted mollies, guppies, platys and swordtails.
Comments Low tech tank. Dont dose ferts, dont dose Co2. Run lights on timers and do periodic water changes...
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Algae Grower
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that is a nice Oscar tank! Hoping to get m that nice
Algae Grower
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It's amazing what plants can do for an aquarium... Even with a big fish like an oscar that is likely to mess them up in a damn hurry, Not to mention a tank full of drain snails I couldn't go back to a bare tank. You would be surprised what you can find in your natural water courses man...
Algae Grower
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Yes. Natural water courses ftw
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