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User Fire_Guppies
Size 10 gallons
Date Started May 2006
Lighting Very old lighted hood with lights towards the front of the lid. Lit by a grow light and normal light.
Equipment Power Aqua filter and lighted hood.
Parameters pH 7.6-8.0(!), slightly alkaline, medium hardness, slightly salty, and the temp is around 70-75 degrees most of the time.
Plants No live plants unfortunately. I just can't seem to keep them alive long enough. So mine are all plastic. . . Anyway, I have an Amazon Broadleaf plant that is constantly losing it's leaves, a large piece of driftwood with lots of little plants stemming from it, a little frilly leafy plant in the back, and lots and lots of moon rocks and other assorted rocks that I've collected.
Inhabitants Ah, around 50-60 baby Guppies! Mostly boys at this time, for once in my life.
Comments This is EVENTUALLY going to be my Male Guppy tank, while my other tank is to be the Female Guppy tank. I'm working on acquiring another 10g tank for all of my babies, which will have to go in my sister's room, because I ran out of room!
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Looks nice! You should sneak an easy low light plant in there and see what happens.
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